Welcome to the NauticalCraft Online Store!

Join the NauticalCraft server today at: NAUTICALCRAFT.US

Our server is not and has never intended to monetize content. We believe that the Minecraft community should have access to fun and free content provided by the NauticalCraft team. We have a monthly server and with that comes associated costs, which become more expensive as we continue to expand and implement new features to enhance our passenger's overall experience on our server. We appreciate if you chose to contribute to our server, and as a thank-you, we will offer perks along with lifetime membership in the Mariner Society. Thank you for your support.


We currently offer three rank variants to contributors:

  • Navigator ($3.99 Monthly Subscription)
  • Voyager ($5 USD)
  • Explorer ($10 USD)
  • Mariner (Min $20 USD)


Interested in joining our server as a Builder or Staff member? Feel free to apply here: https://forms.gle/dL4tJg8G7kELqzhb6

Come aboard and join our Discord Server and join our fun and engaging community: https://discord.gg/zWPFkUS2


Please note, if you are banned for breaking the rules of our Server, you will not receive a refund. If you appeal and your ban is rescinded, you will reobtain your rank.

Banned? Please find our Appeal Form here: https://forms.gle/KPFf3n6NfadrKAh67